101 Smart Things

101 Smart Things

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101 Smart Things Every Medical Staff Services Professional Should Do is a book about what makes medical staff services professionals successful.  Vicki and Peggy have shared what they have learned during their 35+ years in the business. Some of their 35+ years was spent working as MSSPs in a variety of hospitals. But the largest portion of their 35+ years has been spent in consulting with hospitals all over the United States. That puts Peggy and Vicki in the position of having a unique perspective  about what makes MSSPs succeed (or fail) in their positions.   In addition, they have interviewed successful MSSPs, as well as CEOs, attorneys and medical staff leaders to find out additional viewpoints on the keys to success in this business. The book is packed with tips and ideas that MSSPs can use to advance themselves – and there are abundant opportunities in the field of medical staff services.

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