Tomorrow's MSP: Transformational Skills of Influence and Impact (Recorded Webinar - Group)

Tomorrow's MSP: Transformational Skills of Influence and Impact (Recorded Webinar - Group)

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
1:00 - 2:00 pm EST
Kevin E. O’Connor, CSP, LCPC, LMFT, NCC

Today’s first gatekeeper for patient safety and quality is the MSP. The MSP with transformational skills starting tomorrow is the gate-way to “Influencing the Influencers.”  Join us for a fun and informative webinar with the key skills to enhance your transformational tool belt: making the impact needed by your expert presence. More than ever the MSP will be looked upon as the expert with the skills that set the standard for the entire healthcare system. More than ever healthcare executives, providers, and the community at large will rely on the one thing that makes us unique among the rest: we understand the foundational underpinnings of safety and quality from day one. Transformational skills, the skills of influence and impact, are the essential tools for the expertise of Tomorrow’s MSPs having presence at the bedside and in the boardroom… a seat at the table, where the decisions are made. Join us for a workshop to re-equip yourself with the skills that can transform your system…and you!
What You Will Learn:
Determine the skills need to enhance and practice on a daily basis.Develop a strategy for building broader and deeper relationships that make things happen.Listen and contribute with a step-by-step skilled approach.Analyze the need at the bedside and in the boardroom for the MSP’s expertise.Articulate the MSP mission and vision for greater awareness and visibility.

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