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Active Members shall consist of individuals actively involved in credentialing, privileging, practitioner or provider organizations and/or regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry.

Affiliate Members shall consist of individuals who are in other professions in associated industries who do not meet the criteria for active membership. This also includes full time students enrolled in a health related field.
*AHLA Members should choose to join NAMSS as Affiliate Members

Affiliate - Retired Members shall consist of former active members who no longer meet the criteria for active membership and are now retired from the credentialing field.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate member of NAMSS, please email and include information about which affiliate membership category you are interested in and how you meet the requirements. Once approved, we will provide you with instructions on how to complete the payment.

Vendor Members shall consist of individuals, companies, or organizations that regularly distribute, supply, or sell products or services to NAMSS members or their employers that directly compete with NAMSS' products and services. Members of this vendor category pay dues but are not eligible to vote, hold office, or chair a committee or task force; however, they may serve in an advisory position to a committee or task force by special appointment.

Prospective Members: If you are joining as a new member between January - June, your membership will be up for renewal at the end of the current calendar year. If you are joining from July - December, your membership will be up for renewal at the end of the following calendar year.

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