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Please be sure to read all directions carefully as you navigate through the site and be sure to complete all requested fields.

Please note, each abstract must be submitted in one sitting. You will need to submit to save your work, even if you intend to complete it at a later time. However, once submitted, you will have the ability to edit your abstract up until the submission deadline. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your abstract has been submitted. Abstracts can be viewed and edited after submission.

Welcome to the abstract submission site for the 45th NAMSS Educational Conference & Exhibition! We invite you to submit your abstract for the next Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference will be held from October 16-21, 2021.

NAMSS is looking for exciting and dynamic presentations to add to the 2021 program. The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 26, 2021 so be sure to submit your abstract as soon as possible. All submissions will be reviewed by the Conference Committee and speakers will be notified of the committee’s decision no later than June 4, 2021.

The NAMSS Annual Conference draws medical services professionals together from across the country. Medical services professionals (MSPs) are an essential part of any healthcare organization. MSPs have a wide variety or responsibilities that include primarily accountability for the administrative and medical-legal structure of the medical staff organization in hospital, managed care, surgical center and other healthcare settings. Some of the most important responsibilities of MSPs include credentialing, privileging, and re-credentialing of all physicians and advanced practice clinicians, assuring compliance with various state and federal regulations and accrediting body standards pertaining to the functions of the medical staff.

We are looking for a dynamic variety of presentations to meet the diverse needs of the NAMSS membership. In addition to indicating the track of each session (Credentialing/Privileging, Accreditation/Regulatory, Executive Management, CVO, or Leadership/Professional Development), NAMSS will indicate the topic experience for each session: Introductory, Mid-Level, or Advanced. NAMSS Conference attendees represent a wide variety of experience levels in many topics, so please consider the level at which your presentation will address your topic. The Conference Committee will also ask you to please indicate the preferred length of time for your session as well as how you tweak your session content for a virtual audience in the event that this year's conference is hosted virtually. 

Please be sure to read all directions carefully as your navigate through the site and be sure to complete all requested fields. If you have any difficulty with the submission process, please contact